Tokenization platform for issue, manage utility and security tokens offerings on Ethereum and Stellar Blockchain Build the perfect ICO/STO LAUNCH PLATFORM for your ICO/STO by selecting all the services
you need and only the services you need!

About Platform We provide an advanced and secure ico/sto launch platform so you can focus on the development of the ICO/STO and finding investors.
All solutions under 1 roof, for any start-up to launch its own ICO/STO in 2 weeks


KYC/AML checks

We cohesively integrate customizable KYC/AML
feature to filter malicious individuals so only
genuine users participate in your token-sale. We
also Supports KYC verification using Jumio
Netverify service and sufti Pro service

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Custom Smart contracts

You can  deploy Smart Contracts on multiple
platforms to determine the creation and
distribution of ICO/STO tokens implementing the
exchange rate between currencies and tokens.
We develop highly secure, user-customizable
Smart Contracts

Smart contract Auditing

QuillAudits ,Quillhash Smart Contracts Security Audit
Platform is integrated in tokensale
platform and it ensures the reliability of
your Smart Contracts by identifying potential
flaws and code vulnerabilities

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Bounty & Referal program

We provide Fully integrated Bounty feature
on token-sale platform. Admin can manage
the user interaction and allocate tokens
according to user activity. You can also set
two tier referral program  for investors to
spread the word about your project

Multiple Payment Options

We will help you in  integrating 10+
different cryptocurrencies and 100+
Altcoins on your token-sale platform.
Investor is presented with a list of
cryptocurrencies and Altcoins with
live exchange rates to buy tokens.

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Multi-Security layer

We integrate 2FA or OTP security in your
dashboard, because a layer of extra security
is always helpful for users.
Sqreen and Snyk integration to protect your
application from a large range of common vulnerabilities .


With our Advanced CMS
integration, you can configure the
content across all your webpages
with a single click and then modify
the content for each page as per
your business model requirements

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Dagger Integration

Using Dagger we don't have to poll for events via web3 , we are using push notifications provided by dagger . Integrated Dagger in backend to get Ethereum blockchain events, like transactions, receipts and logs in realtime

Developer Friendly

We write swagger documentation for all APIs,
can be easily integrated by Client Front End Team.
Try every API before integrating it in your code with a simple click.

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Trusted By

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Android and IOS wallets , Investors would be able to buy tokens using Wallets




Allow investors to buy tokens with fiat using In-App-Purchase feature and investors can transfer tokens without paying fee in gas.




Third party Security tokens issuance platforms integrations

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All solutions under one roof, for any Start-Up to launch its ICO/STO in 1 week.

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